Close the Loop has been invited to implement a training on the Development of the CSR Stratety & Report, in India, by its local partner, the Indian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR).

The training is scheduled to be implemented in Banglalore on 18-19 March and in Mumbai, on 20-21 March.

This represents the second successful effort between Close the Loop and ICCSR to further promote viable sustainability practices to Indian professionals



Τhere needs to be a general acceptance of the fact that CSR is an internal tool enabling the organization to better manage and assess risk. It is not a tool for external communications, nor is it a tool for promotion of the organization. It is a management system that takes into consideration the internal and external operational environment and aims at positioning the organization with the least possible sustainability impact. Organizations that truly want to experience the benefits of CSR across the value chain must determine the sustainability context of their operations, assuring that CSR is integrated throughout the organization, is practiced in its relationships and takes into account the interests of stakeholders. In other words, there needs to be an assessment and an understanding of operational impact across the social and environmental spectrum as well as an identification of the stakeholder groups that are affected. The Training shall address all relative CSR thematic areas aiming to provide participants with an understanding of all the relative issues so as they are able to design and implement their organization’s CSR Strategy and Report.

The Training offers official Certification of Attendance issued by the Indian Centre for CSR, recognizing Indian professionals who have taken an active step towards better understanding how to design and implement CSR within their organizations.

Learning Objectives 

The training presents global and local trends, methodologies and case studies in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enabling participants to:

  • understand the evolution of CSR over the years and consider present and future developments that will have a direct impact on their operations
  • assess the efficiency and viability of their organization’s current operations vis-à-vis the internal and external environments in which they operate as well as the stakeholders who have a direct impact on operations
  • design and manage their organization’s CSR Strategy
  • develop their organization’s CSR Report

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