Mumbai, India, March 2013: The Indian Centre for CSR and its sustainability partner, Close the Loop, implemented a Certified training on Sustainability (CSR) Strategy, at the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC), in Mumbai, on 18-19 March, 2013.

The training event was inaugurated by Mr. Ashok Kumar Pavadia, Joint Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India, and concluded by Mr. Shri Sushobhan Sarker, Managing Director, Life Insurance Corporation of India. Secretary Pavadia provided an introduction to the concept of Sustainability and provided a detailed description of the newly formulated Sustainability Guidelines for Indian enterprises. The Sustainability Guidelines aim to provide a roadmap to enterprises seeking to instill sustainability and come at a critical time when the market is awaiting Parliament’s decision to the proposed legislation to make Sustainability reporting mandatory for public-enterprises.

The training gathered professionals representing primarily the Government, NGOs as well as the private sector. Course material aimed at presenting a “step-by-step” approach on the methodologies and standards for the design of the Sustainability (CSR) Strategy (environment/economy/society) and the Sustainability Report.

[quote float=”center” style=”boxed”]The level of awareness amongst Indian professionals and the Government on key sustainability definitions and methodologies exceeded our expectations, assuring us of India’s potential to attain key objectives of its Sustainability (CSR) agenda.
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Managing Director, Close the Loop[/quote]

Most importantly, the training was designed to respond to participants’ needs, enabling them to actively engage and interact with trainers and amongst each other, in a personalized yet structured educational format.

[quote float=”center” style=”boxed”]The two day CSR course received tremendous response from participants, recognizing trainers’ superb performance and highlighting the need for more such trainings.
Rajesh Tawari, Founder, ICCSR.[/quote]

Following the completion of the course, participants received certification of attendance, issued by the Indian Centre for CSR.

The Indian Centre for CSR and Close the Loop will soon announce the implementation of a 5-day extensive sustainability training, on the value of Sustainability vis-à-vis financial sustainability.  

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