Our Services

  • Diagnosis: Thorough assessment of the organization in order to identify the main points that pose a threat to its survival. The diagnosis results are compiled and communicated through a specialized System Diagnosis Report.
  • Design/Implementation: The diagnosis results are used for the optimization of the existing organizational structure, or the Design of a new more effective organizational structure. Moreover, we support the implementation of the proposed solutions, by conducting specialized Viable System Model (VSM) Workshops and supervising their proper application.

The VSM can be directly used for the effective design and development of a new organization (start-up) or a new business unit.

 Your benefits

  • Develop survival skills in times of crises
  • Develop the organization’s adaptability
  • Eliminate bureaucracy
  • Discover opportunities to reduce costs through a simpler more effective management structure
  • Take advantage of autonomy in order to maximize effectiveness
  • Balance and harmonize internal processes
  • More effective management of customer and suppliers