Ecolabels  are labeling systems which  are  used by  companies  as tools to inform their business customers (B2B) or the  final consumers (B2C) about  the environmental  and social performance of their products and services.

Acquiring an Ecolabel, duly certified through the corresponding Certification Body,  is globally recognized  as  “best practice”  for innovation, differentiation and competitiveness. Often, ecolabels lead to cost savings, as well.


The Challenge

Globally, more than 400 certifiable ecolabels can be found, each one corresponding to specific criteria which relate to  strategic , operational, exporting and overall business needs.

The choice of the appropriate ecolabel for a product or business is crucial for the development and viability of the business. Moreover, each ecolabel has specific requirements relating to the assessment and improvement of the environmental and social performance  of the business and/or its’ products and services.