About EDSS

What is EDSS?

EDSS stands for Ecolabel Decision Support System. It is a tool that intends to help companies/organizations choose the most appropriate ecolabel, among the hundreds available internationally, either for specific products or for the business as a whole entity.


What does EDSS offer?

EDSS helps its users understand which Ecolabel is appropriate for their company/organization by offering the following information:

  • Which ecolabels are Relevant to the company’s products or services, taking into consideration the company’s development/marketing strategy.
  • Which of the Relevant ecolabels are more Effective or useful to the company’s development/marketing strategy.
  • The degree of Compliance of the company, at present, with the requirements of each of the Relevant Ecolabels
  • A list of Improvement Actions that the company can do in order to improve its compliance with an Ecolabel

The above information is presented in a graph in the Results tab, in order to better identify the advantages & disadvantages of each ecolabel choice.