Beirut, Lebanon, June 2012

Close the Loop and 2GEM – 2gether, implemented the first ever Corporate Responsibility Management Professional Certification Course in Lebanon, on June 7-8, 2012. The Certification Course received the support of the International Fairs & Promotions SAL (IFP) in Lebanon and was implemented during the International Trade Exhibition & Conference for Environmental Technologies, Sustainability and Clean Energy (Ecorient).

The training gathered professionals representing the Lebanese private sector, the Government, NGOs as well as communications and HR consulting firms. Course material was designed to respond to participants’ needs, using multi-media material that included global and region-specific best practices/case studies, as well as interactive exercises on specific sustainability topics.  Furthermore, the training enlisted the contribution of leading international sustainability experts, who provided their resourceful input, on specific thematic areas.

During the 2 days course participants were able to address the bottom line of corporate responsibility management to the overall Corporate Strategy, via actively engagingand interacting with the trainers, guest speakers as well as each other, in a personalized yet structure educational format.

The training presented a comprehensive, yet systemic methodology on the steps entailed in the design of the Corporate Sustainability Strategy, using the established organizational management Viable System Model (VSM). The VSM positions Sustainability as a process that is directly related to the overall Corporate Strategy, thus enabling the organization to properly allocate, align and coordinate all operational processes and resources. Furthermore, the training presented participants with thematic topics in the areas of Environmental and Social Management, such as Ecolabels (Life Cycle Assessment), Sustainable Construction, Water/Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Supply Chain, Stakeholder Identification and Engagement.

[quote float=”center” style=”boxed”]We feel extremely proud to have designed a Sustainability Training that is built on powerful systemic methodologies, which effectively meet participant expectations in understanding the relative concepts and steps when designing the corporate sustainability strategy.
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Managing Director, Close the Loop. [/quote]

Following the completion of the course, participants were assigned a detailed project plan, based on the VSM, enabling them to become eligible to receive official certification recognizing them as Corporate Responsibility Management Professionals. The certification is issued by, a leading provider of sustainable business certification and training programs operating today in more than 50 countries and recognized through accrediting agencies with an international reach around the world.

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