The research team of Close the Loop has been assigned to conduct a Postdoctoral program, in collaboration with Democritus University of Thrace, focusing on Ecolabels. The overall objective is to develop a coherent Ecolabel Decision Support System (EDSS) that will help businesses identify the ecolabel which is more appropriate for them.

The research project aims to assist Greek businesses access new opportunities for growth, by improving their contribution to sustainable development while, simultaneously, safeguarding their viability and competitiveness. The research will focus on ecolabels as the main driver for this improvement. For the purpose of the research, three critical sectors to the economic viability of the Greek economy will be analyzed, across the entirety of their life cycle: they include agricultural products/fisheries, tourism and construction.

Greek businesses, across all three sectors will participate in the research and permit the research team to assess the validity of the EDSS methodology using their product/service or corporate strategy.

Upon its completion, the research team is expecting to have identified the criteria that are most important to Greek businesses, as a whole and per sector, when selecting ecolabels.

Participating Businesses

By participating in the research program, Greek businesses will be able to identify the best available and presently available ecolabels, at the product or corporate level, and discover the areas for improvements to close that gap. Upon completion of each system, each business shall receive a feedback report that will analyze the criteria and factors that determined the identified ecolabel. Having obtained all the necessary data and analysis on ecolabel identification, participating businesses will have a comprehensive review of the steps they need to take in order to acquire an ecolabel.

Most importantly, their active contribution will provide valuable information that will help Greek businesses better differentiate their products and monitor impacts.[hr]

For further information on the research you may contact us as directly.

For updates and progress reports on research, you may access the EDSS website