Close the Loop in collaboration with FoodAllergens Lab succesfully organised the seminar “Carbon Footprint” in Larnaca, Cyprus, on December 6 2010.

The issue of Climate Change was analysed at the seminar, as well as the recent international developments (Kyoto Protoco, Copenhagen Conference etc.) The connection between Climate Change and Corporate Social Reponsibility where also analysed, while related tools and methods were presented such as Life Cycle Assessment, measuring the Carbon Footprint of products and services according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, as well as the practice of carbon offseting. Finally, the relevant ecolabels were presented and the importance of communicating the efforts of companies and organisations in reducing their carbon footprint.

The seminar had a workshop structure, where participants had the chance of applying and trying out the above methods in their companies.

The seminar was approved by the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) of Cyprus.