Close the Loop is an advisory, coaching and research organization assisting private and public clients, across the globe, develop and monitor sustainability related strategies and initiatives, at the management and product levels. A new model is emerging looking at sustainability as a form of corporate strategy and risk management.

Our team consists of scientists and business advisors with extensive research, consulting and training experience in the areas of Environmental Management, Sustainability and Business Management.

You can’t solve a problem with the same reasoning that created the problem.”

A. Einstein

The survival and sustainability of every system, organization or company depends on complex loops of interactions which emerge in its internal and external environments. In order to “see” and effectively manage these loops one has to adopt a holistic way of thinking…and acting.

Closing the Loop…

Our services are based on extensive research and application of systems science…the science of complexity. We provide organizations with new and innovative ways to manage their sustainability and deal with their complex issues. Our aim is to help them realize, create and manage the loops that are necessary for their survival and responsible behavior. In other words…

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