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We empower businesses through organizational and product sustainability.

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The world is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic.

We believe systems and design thinking are essential to thrive in this world.

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Life cycle of a leaf.

Life Cycle Assessment

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Organizational and Business Model Design

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Sustainability Strategy

holding paper cut miniature concept of CO2 over blooming tree

GHG Accounting

We help organizations measure, track and improve the carbon footprint of their operations and supply chains using international standards and streamlined methodologies.

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Life cycle of a leaf.

Life cycle assessment

We use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify the environmental impact of products and tell their whole story. We then help organizations identify and improve on what matters most.

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Fractal vegetable

organizational and business model design

Organizational Desing

We use the powerful Viable System Model (VSM) to help clients design, diagnose and improve the adaptability of their organizations while fulfilling their purpose.

Business Model Design

We use the Flourishing Business Canvas to design sustainable, future-fit businesses that maximize environmental, social and financial benefits for multiple stakeholders.

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sustainability strategy

Achieving the purpose and vision requires intelligence and method. We help organizations understand and address their material sustainability issues while responding to the needs of their most important stakeholders.

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I am Panos Panagiotakopoulos, founder of Close the Loop, a boutique sustainability consultancy focusing on providing strategic advice on how organizations can adapt their operations and products to the 21st century.


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