Our services

  1. Support the selection of the appropriate Ecolabel that better suits the size, structure and products/services of organizations.
  2. Implementation of tools such as Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprint  and Environmental Management Systems towards certification.
  3. Support in certification process
  4. Responsible communication of certification to relevant stakeholders

Your benefits

  • Competitive advantage in green procurement specification of public/private sectors
  • Ensure access to ecologically conscious/demanding international markets
  • Eco-Design Support
  • Environmental Management System Support
  • Support of Green Marketing efforts
  • Safeguard against Greenwashing practices

What is it?


Ecolabels or “Green” Labels consist a way to inform the public or the supplies manager about the environmental performance of a product or a service. Ecolabels assist consumers to make better and more rational choices that are based among others on environmental, qualitative and social criteria. Today more than 450 ecolabels exist worldwide

Why is it important?

The consumer demand for better corporate performance on environmental, sustainability and Social Responsibility issues is expressed via a continuous increase for transparent and quantitative evidence of products and services. Today, the extended networks of modern consumers have the power to reward or punish the corporations through their market choices. In the modern globalized market certified products/services have a strong competitive advantage.