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Cyprus on the Road to Sustainable Development

Dr. P. Panagiotakopoulos spoke at the conference “Cyprus on the Road to Sustainable Development” of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, which took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on January 18 2011.

Dr. P. Panagiotakopoulos, member of the scientific committee of the Institute, in his speech titled “Capacity Building for the Implementation of Sustainable Development in Public and Private Sectors”, underlined the complexity of sustainability issues, and the need to adopt an interdisciplinary systemic approach to tackle them. He then presented examples of systemic methods that can help organisations of both the public and private sectors deal with this challenge, such as Large Scale Systems, the Viable System Model and contemporary approaches in Project Management.

Dr. Maria Karamanof, President of the Institute, also spoke at the conference, as well as Stefanοu I., Professor Emeritus of Spatial and Urban Planning at the National Technical University of Athens, Georgiou K., Associate Professor at the Biology Department of the Univesity of Athens, and Kokkosis H., Professor of Spatial and Urban Planning at the University of Thessaly.

The conference was chaired by Professor Kounnas K., Director of Theoretical Phycics at «Ecole Normale Superieure» in Paris, while the Cypriot Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Sylikiotis N. also addressed the conference.

Photos from the conference at Close the Loop‘s page in Facebook.